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Lake County, Ohio - Utilities


    Water Division

    Our Water Division can be broken down into two functions, Water Distribution and Water Treatment. Our water distribution personnel are responsible for operating and maintaining 500 miles of water mains, nine elevated storage tanks and nine booster pump stations. Our system is divided into two districts designated as East District and West District.

    Each district is served by its own water treatment plant. Our East District is comprised of five pressure districts and one pressure regulated area. Our West District has six pressure districts. Our water treatment plant operators maintain and operate two water treatment plants, one serving each water district. Our East District treatment plant is a 6 million gallon per day (MGD) plant located on Lake Road in Painesville Township. Our Western District treatment plant is a 20 MGD plant located on Aquarius Parkway, in the City of Willoughby. Both plants take water from Lake Erie and purifies it for distribution to the approximately 40,000 system customers. Both treatment plants are manned by treatment plant personnel 24 hours a day.