Lake County, Ohio - Commissioners








    Established March 6, 1840, Lake County with only 228.2 square miles of land, is geographically the smallest county in Ohio.  In 2009, The Ohio Department of Development estimated our population at 236,775, ranking us 10th out of 88 Counties.   Our northern border consists of approximately 30 miles of Lake Erie shoreline.  This coastal asset puts Lake County in an enviable position for wind energy and water-related activities and sport opportunities.  Easy access to both SR2 and I-90 have drawn many entrepreneurs from the medical, electrical, adhesive products and other commercial/industrial fields to the area.  Recreational opportunities for residents are available through our many parks and river/lake water related activities.  Our nurseries and wineries are emerging as destination based tourist activity.    Lake County’s diverse ethnic heritage and our commercial, agriculture and industrial bases open many opportunities for a better quality of life and economic growth.

    Duties & Staffing
    The Board of Lake County Commissioners has both quasi-legislative and quasi-administrative powers and through resolutions adopted during their regular weekly meeting, sets the administrative policy for county government. While the Commissioners have no power to initiate legislation, they do exercise powers granted to them by the Ohio General Assembly through state law.

    The Commissioners are responsible for the appropriations of the county tax revenues through the adoption of the annual county budget. The County operates on a January 1 through December 31 fiscal year and must adopt the final budget no later than April 1 of each year. The budget includes appropriations for the numerous county offices, including those offices headed by other elected officials. The Commissioners have the power to levy taxes and to approve the placement of tax levies and bond issues on the ballot for consideration by county voters. The Commissioners also administer all federal grant monies.

    The Commissioners hold title to all county owned property and are responsible for the upkeep. By law, they must provide office space for all county offices. They must build the facilities necessary to house various offices such as the Courtrooms, the Jail, Engineer's facilities and parking. The Commissioners award all contracts for purchase and construction projects.   

    WHEREAS, Section 325.19 of the Ohio Revised Code provides that a full-time county employee is entitled to eight (8) hours of holiday pay for the following holidays: "... State holidays shall be:

    First day of January (Wednesday, January 1, 2014), New Year's Day
    Third Monday in January (January 20), Martin Luther King Day
    Third Monday in February (February 17), Washington-Lincoln Day
    Last Monday in May (May 26), Memorial Day
    Fourth of July (Friday, July 4), Independence Day
    First Monday in September (September 1), Labor Day
    Second Monday in October (October 13), Columbus Day
    Eleventh day of November (Tuesday, November 11), Veterans' Day
    Fourth Thursday in November (November 27), Thanksgiving Day
    Friday after Thanksgiving Day (November 28),
    Twenty-fifth day of December (Thursday, December 25), Christmas Day