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Lake County, Ohio - Sheriff's Office

Road Patrol Training



    Lake County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, maintains one of the highest levels training and certification for personnel inside Lake County Law Enforcement . The summary below will highlight some of the training and certification of Deputies under Sheriff Daniel Dunlap. 

    Sheriff Frank Leonbruno

    • Master of Science/Administration of Justice and Security 
    • Bachelor of Arts Degree History Bachelor of Arts Degree Philosophy 
    • FBINA Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy Graduate 237th Session 
    • CJM (American Jail Association Certified Jail Manager) since 1997 
    • CLEE Certified Law Enforcement Executive Academy Graduate 2004 
    • CLEE Certified Law Enforcement Executive Academy Board Member 
    • PELC Police Executive Leadership College Graduate 2003 
    • Adjunct Professor at Lakeland Community College in Criminal Justice since 1996 
    • Lakeland Community College Corrections Board member 
    • OPOTA 120 Hour Corrections Academy Graduate 
    • Lakeland Police Academy Graduate - Certified Law Enforcement Officer
    • Lake County SWAT Team / Lead Hostage Negotiator since 1992 
    • FBI Crisis Negotiations Certification / OPOTA Crisis Negotiations Certification 
    • OPOTA 136 Hour and 40 Hour Corrections Academy School Commander since 1994 
    • OPOTA Police Academy Instructor since 1994 
    • OPOTA 136 Corrections Academy Instructor since 1994 
    • Trained at the National Institute of Corrections 
    • Certified in the Reid Technique Criminal Interviews and Interrogation

    Chief Deputy Jeffrey Sherwood 

    • Police Executive Leadership College Graduate
    • Graduate of the WMD Incident Command Course (COBRA)--United States Department of  
    • Justice--Office of Justice--Center for Domestic Preparedness
    • Incident Command for Industrial Responders
    • Fire Fatality Investigation
    • Advanced Criminal Investigations
    • Certified Field Training Officer
    • Graduate of the Basic Tactical Swat School (Euclid PD)
    • Street and Pharmaceutical Drug Investigations
    • Clandestine Laboratories Awareness Recognition and Safety
    • Computer Crime Investigations
    • Certified Voice Stress Analyst
    • Traffic Crash Investigation  

    Captain Ronald Walters (  Detective Bureau Commander )

    • Northwestern Staff and Command School Graduate
    • Certified Law Enforcement Executive Graduate
    • Police Executive Leadership College Graduate
    • 20 years Lake County SWAT / 5 Years Team Commander / 10 Years Team Leader
    • 8 years Lake County Detective Bureau Commander
    • Member of the Ohio Department of Public Safety - Tactical Technical Advisory Board  for Homeland Security 
    • Member of the Ohio Advisory Committee on Methamphetamine
    • Member of the Lake County Child Fatality Review Board

    Captain Todd Menmuir ( Court Services Commander )

    • Police Executive Leadership College Graduate
    • Certified  SWAT Supervision and Command through NTOA
    • Certified in Interview and Interrogation techniques (Case Western)
    • Certified Marine Patrol Law Enforcement through ODNR
    • Certified First Line Supervision
    • Certified Traffic Crash Reconstructionist
    • Certified in Crime Scene Evidence Recovery
    • Certified Field Training Officer
    • Certified in Homicide/Death Investigation

     Lieutenant Larry Harpster ( Shift Supervisor )

    • Graduate of the Police Executive Leadership College (PELC)
    • Graduate of the Certified Law Enforcement Executive (CLEE) program
    • Certified MEDICO Legal Investigation of Death, Wayne State University
    • Certified Hazmet Technician, Cleveland State
    • Certified in Interview and Interrogation techniques
    • Certified in Tactical Precision Rifle
    • Certified in Protective Operations, Secret Service
    • Certified in Criminal Investigations and Forensic Anthropology, Columbus State Comm College
    • Certified in Clandestine Laboratory Awareness
    • Certified in Domestic Preparedness for Weapons of Mass Destruction
    • Certified in Amber Alert
    • Certified in ADAPT "BAC Datamaster- Senior Operator" 
    • Certified in Child Abuse Recognition and Investigation
    • Sniper Instructor School ( Centermass, Inc.)
    • Advanced Urban Sniper Tactical School ( Centermass, Inc.)
    • Basic Marine Patrol - Ohio Division of Watercraft
    • Response to Terrorist Bombing Incident - Dept. of Homeland Security

    Lieutenant  Patrick Paterson ( Shift Supervisor )

    • FBI-LEEDA Supervisor Leadership Institute 2018
    • FBI-LEEDA Command Leadership Institute 2018
    • FBI-LEEDA Executive Leadership Institute 2018
    • Certified Field Training Officer
    • Certified C.V.S.A. Examiner
    • Certified O.P.O.T.A. Tactical Precision Rifle
    • Police Executive Leadership College Graduate
    • Practical Homicide Investigation (NYPD)
    • Incident Command For Industrial Responders Workshop
    • A.D.A.P. / OVI (Ohio State Highway Patrol)  "BAC Datamaster- Senior Operator" 
    • Advanced Urban Sniper Tactical School ( Centermass, Inc.)
    • Property Evidence and Management in Law Enforcement ( Int. Assoc. for Property & Evidence I.A.P.E.)
    • Management & Leadership Skill Development For The Public Sector 40 hrs  Lakleand Community College       


    Sheriff Frank Leonbruno has Deputies patrolling the Townships, all are State Certified Police Officers in State of Ohio.  Deputies, in addition to their college degrees and State certifications, have attended many in service schools to help better serve Lake County residents. Below is a summary of schools that have been attended by the majority of Deputies currently patrolling Townships.

    • Traffic Investigation
    • Burglary Investigation
    • Sex Crimes Investigation
    • Internet Crimes Investigation
    • Forensic Evidence gathering, fingerprints, DNA
    • Domestic Violence Investigation
    • Child Abuse Investigations
    • Drug Abuse Investigations
    • Interviews & Interrogations
    • Crime Prevention
    • Community Policing
    • Crimes Scene Investigations
    • Special Weapons and Tactics
    • Natural Death Investigations
    • Homicide Investigations
    • Trace Evidence Collection
    • School Violence Investigations
    • Use of Force Applications
    • Photography
    • O.V.I. Preventions & Apprehension (D.U.I)

    The above list is just a summary of training that Lake County Deputies must complete to serve in Road Patrol Division for Sheriff Frank Leonbruno. The Lake County Sheriff’s Office maintains a current training file on every Road Patrol Deputy. The file contains State of Ohio Basic Police certification and all in service training completed by each Deputy. The list above by no means is all the in service training completed by Deputies. Deputies have well over 700 hours of training just to be in Patrol Division and complete well over 40 hours of in service training per year. This level of training is why the Lake County Sheriff’s Office is considered one of the most professional police agencies in the State of Ohio. The training obtained assists the Lake County Sheriff’s Office maintaining a very high level of service to the Townships and with criminal convictions, within those Townships.