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Lake County, Ohio - Sheriff's Office

Detective Bureau


    Lake County Sheriff's Office  
    Sheriff Frank Leonbruno

    Phone:  (440)350-5620
    Email:  [email protected].gov


    The Detective Bureau investigates felony crimes for the Sheriff's Office.   This dedicated group of professionals has been responsible for the prosecution and incarceration of numerous criminals in Lake County, making our County a safer place to live and work.  The phone numbers listed below are secure lines. Please feel free to call and leave any information that would assist Law Enforcement in keeping our neighborhoods safe.   The Detective Bureau will also assist  people by directing questions or information related to criminal activity to the proper authority.   

    Lt. Larry Harpster, CLEE, PELC is the Detective Bureau Commander, and has served over 22 years in the field of law enforcement, all with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.  Lt. Harpster spent the early years of adulthood in the banking industry.  Larry is a graduate of the Police Executive Leadership College (PELC), and the Certified Law Enforcement Executive (CLEE) program.  Lt. Harpster has held a position on the Lake County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team for 20 years, with 18 of those years as the Precision Rifle Team Leader and he is currently the SWAT Team Commander.  Larry also served as a Detective early in his career for 6 years. Lt. Harpster has served in many aspects of leadership at the Sheriff’s Office including Road Patrol Deputy, Detective, a Shift Sergeant, and a Shift Lieutenant, and he is the Marine Patrol supervisor.  Lt. Harpster is also the school safety trainer and active shooter trainer for the Sheriff’s Office, having trained over 7000 civilians in A.L.I.C.E. and Active Shooter/Critical Incident Training throughout Lake County.       

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    The Lake County Sheriff's Office Detective Bureau can be reached at the following numbers or email addresses:


    2019 Detective Bureau Report