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Drug Education

Drug Awareness

Lake County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff Frank Leonbruno

Drug Education and Resources


Experts today are becomingly increasingly concerned by the spread of heroin here in Ohio that you need to be aware. Law enforcement, drug counselors, and medical facilities are finding heroin abuse growing not only among adults, but equally among teenagers. The market it is so great that criminal groups are supplementing cocaine shipments with heroin here in Ohio. Shipped from major distribution centers in Chicago, New York City, and Detroit, heroin is finding its way into the suburbs and into our homes and families. We all need to educate ourselves on this growing problem here in our own neighborhoods. Take a moment to view these short videos, and arm yourself with information from a few of these websites. Knowledge is power, and together we can make a difference.

Substance Abuse Resources

The effects of alcohol and substance abuse can be seen in all age groups and in all facets of society. Drug abuse by children and teens can destroy a family and ruin a child’s chance for a successful career and future. Alcohol and drug abuse by parents can often have similar effects on children and teens by destroying the family bond, and by the modeling of risky and dangerous behavior. Adults who engage in substance abuse may end up losing close relationships with those they care for, losing jobs and careers they have worked hard for, and they may even risk incarceration because of their addictions and behaviors. 

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