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Lake County, Ohio - Sheriff's Office

Mission Statement

    Mission of the Lake County Sheriff's Office

    Sheriff Frank Leonbruno

    "As the guardians of society's laws, we ensure the highest quality of life,safety and security for all people while responding to the public's needs in a caring, courteous and professional manner."

    Each and every one of us. Working together without regard to division boundaries.

    Whether elected, appointed, hired, or a volunteer, we put the public's needs ahead of our own as we guard, protect, defend and serve.

    Society's Laws
    The body of rules established by authority, society, or custom which govern the affairs of all people.

    Reacting positively and cooperatively in a timely manner.

    Public Needs
    Essential services required to maintain a healthy and safe community along with those services which enrich the quality of life.

    Caring, Courteous & Professional Manner
    Doing the very best we can do, striving for 100% customer satisfaction

    Highest Quality
    The promotion and support of an environment which is the most of Life desirable place to work, live and play.

    All People
    Everyone we have the opportunity to serve, whether they live, work, conduct business, play, visit or volunteer in our county, without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, or disability.