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Lake County, Ohio - Soil & Water Conservation District

Rules and Permits

    Application for Erosion and Sediment Control Review click here Erosion and Sediment Control Rules click here The District’s Urban Programs focus on protecting the County’s natural resources through education, technical assistance, and administration of county and municipal erosion and sediment control ordinances. Advising landowners, developers, realtors, engineers and community administrations about the limitations of the County’s natural resources allows for economically and environmentally sound choices for the good of the community. The District strives to assist landowners, developers, non-profit organizations, and local governments in the collaboration to protect and enhance Lake County’s natural resource heritage.

    Balancing natural resource protection with urbanization is an ever increasing challenge Lake County faces in its goal to protect the 436 miles of streams and rivers in the County in addition to 31 miles of Lake Erie shoreline, countless wetlands, locally unique soils and other important natural resources